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Prism has to its credit working successfully with some of the following industries to the extent of Customer Satisfaction:



A retailer's current expectations from their CIOs are focused on two key areas:
- Reducing the IT cost
- Reducing the IT response time

To achieve these objectives in an environment where retailers are continuously refining and innovating upon their business strategies has become extremely challenging for the retail information managers.

Prism proposes its Total Outsourcing Framework - this model ensures that the retailer does not have to make any capital expenditures on IT needs.



In today's scenario, Insurers face issues like globalization, growing demand for web based services, regulatory demands, security threats and outsourcing. We understand the needs of the industry and offer Innovative Solutions which are unique, optimal and customer focused. Through a unique blend of domain knowledge, technology and robust processes we have successfully provided solutions to our leading Insurance Customers who faced challenges like:

- Demanding business need for new, innovative applications in the shortest possible time
- Striking balance between new technology adoption and the legacy environments.
- Long term plan for Application Integration, re-engineering and retirement
- Application and infrastructure maintenance
- Availability of skilled resources
- Managing dynamic regulatory compliances in the legacy environment



Banking & Financial Services practice at Prism is built on the strength of four core competencies - Domain, Process, Technology and Innovation. The practice is boosted by a myriad of activities like Industry research & trends, tools evaluation, continuous process optimization, innovation leading to Intellectual Property, publishing white papers and capturing experiences in the form of best practices & case studies.

Prism's Banking & Financial Services practice addresses the needs of clients by leveraging its rich industry experience and deep technology expertise. Our highly qualified team engages with clients to help them implement sustainable business strategies while maintaining cost efficiencies and thereby gain competitive advantage in their marketplaces. Through a network of alliances and partnerships we provide true end-to-end business transformation services to our clients.

Energy & Utilities

Energy & Utilities

Energy and Utilities (E & U) practice of Prism possesses deep domain expertise and exposure to Global Utility markets backed by 14 years of hands on experience in the Industry's core technologies. E & U practice has participated in the regulation and deregulation journey of the energy markets and is actively assisting customers in achieving their goals and objectives.

E & U practice has acquired, expertise in the entire value chain of Energy & Utilities industry's upstream, mid-stream, down-stream sectors and back office operations.

- Transmission Outage and Generation Availability,
- Asset Management and Maintenance
- Inventory Control
- Fuel management

- Network Analysis, MIMS
- Balancing Mechanism
- Integrated Energy Management BETTA
- Mains Risk Priority Management

- Emergency Meter Work
- Job Issue System
- Demand Derivation system
- Field Force Device Replacement,
- Connections work management & AMR,
- Market Intelligence & Provision of Information

Back Office Operations
- Knowledge Management
- Enterprise Collaboration
- Infrastructure Management - ERP



Globally manufacturing companies are undergoing a change. With rising customer expectations and increasing competition generating pressure on margins, companies are being pushed to innovate on new products and services with increased operational complexity. Companies cannot be run in the traditional way anymore. In this competitive market only whose who control costs , invest on product innovation and reduce time to market will surge ahead.

We believe that IT can be an enabler to create the culture change to drive companies in that direction. We leverage on our range of solutions and services to engage with the customer to be a true 'Transformation Partner'. We deliver enterprise class solution core to manufacturing and supply chain and around all related services which are extremely critical to make an IT enablement most effective as an end to end partner.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Healthcare & Life Sciences

The healthcare and life sciences industry is seeing a rapid change across the globe due to evolving research programs, technology advancement and upcoming business models and frameworks. The entire gamut of the healthcare & life sciences sector has become very data intensive, owing to the mandatory and stringent regulatory enforcements leading to multiple challenges in terms of providing more affordable treatment and better patient care. The pressure to maintain huge volumes of data and the importance to ensure accuracy and reliability of the data repository requires companies to utilize technology in order to address the increasing demand of the industry.

Prism Technologies helps healthcare and life sciences organizations to increase operational efficiencies, reduce administrative and delivery cost, and enhance patient health and wellness through patient-centric processes and inter-operable methods.

Interoperability is the key between various service offerings. Through proven technologies, industry best practices, and global delivery capabilities, we provide high-quality healthcare and life sciences support solutions. By leveraging our experience, we have developed technical expertise in providing services like data integration and warehousing, business intelligence and enterprise collaboration solutions, domain-specific frameworks and business models, process outsourcing and many more.

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