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1.Business Intelligence ECRMNEXT

This System is developed for the business organisations to manage their customer’s data effectively and to improve their profit which will helps to increase the organisations business.

It also provides the customization facility to user so that user can customize this system as per his/her organizational needs. Business organizations can manage their inventory management and support tasks through this system. They can also manage their sales orders, invoices, quotes, assets, complaints and much more through this system.

Business organizations can also generate reports in various formats and these reports help business organizations for various types of analysis. They can use these reports in decision making processes and also for customer satisfaction by analysing their needs and problems

Summary of Capabilities
 To reduce the time and risk of manual data entry.
 Managing overall major activities of organizations such as managing campaigns, lead, opportunities etc.
 Provides the stronger support for customer data management and to handle customer queries.

Feature set
 Campaign, Leads Management;
 Quotes, Invoices Management;
 Sales and Purchase order Management;
 Products, services, vendors and Price book Management;
 Customization facility;
 Inbuilt Mail and SMS facility.
 Document Management.


2.Health Monitoring System

At Health Monitoring Systems (HMS), our goal is to provide Public Health officials with the tools that enhance their ability to safeguard the health of the communities they serve.

Home monitoring makes possible for the patient to measure different physical parameters at home, and for the physician to check the results anywhere without personal meeting. Contrary to conventional home monitoring systems, the realized system uses distributed data storage of patients' data, instead of using a remote server to store all the data. A fully functional home monitoring system has been realized, that contains a microcontroller based Web server to store patient data.

In achieving this, the major objectives are as follows:
Developing a Web-based Interface for management and assessment of data related to safety and health performance. The interface should enable automated collection, measurement, assessment, storage, and presentation of data;
Developing an exclusive Knowledge Base for Safety and Health Management. That is, rules, guidelines, best practices, and so forth, for the prevention and resolution of hazards and unconfirmed practices. These are derived from the practical experience of experts and professionals in the field;
Developing a portal to handle key Output Data in a systematic manner. For instance, key and operational data are separated automatically through preset functions such that only data of great importance (i.e., total fatal incidents per month) to senior management are summarized into the executive summary report. Data of less importance, such as those related to operation activities, are stored in the project report;


3.Open Source Forum

Open souce Forum is a web based forum which allows user to upload/ download projects, post message, mailing, blogging and chat. A complete Open source forum that allows the user access to a friendly and intuitive interface online. It offer complete web based forum administration.

The Open souce Forum consists of two functional elements
Web Based Forum Administration: Open souce Forum offer complete web based administration like Complete web based administration, Locking/UnLocking/Deleting of Categories, Forums, Projects and Members by Moderators and/or Admins, Registration functions, Enable/Disable Registration, Restricted/Open Registration, Email Validation functions.
Web based forum management: Web based forum is used to register new member, display topics and post. Allow to create new topics, post message, reply post


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