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Prism offers a unified platform that simplifies and automates IT processes, improves decision-making, and orchestrates workflow across cloud, virtual, distributed, and mainframe resources. Prism Consulting provides the expertise to advance your top initiatives and achieve tangible business value.

The Prism Technologies Group supports the transformation of its clients through its globally networked offices. Our objective is to improve the performance and competitiveness of these clients through perfect mastery of our four disciplines, integrated in a service offering that covers all client needs.

Our Integrated services portfolios can help you embrace the future of work and reshape your enterprise for what lies ahead.

Managed Services



For nearly 14 years Prism's Global Strategic Sourcing has been a strategic partner for leading service providers, enabling them to accelerate business growth, reduce costs and enhance their customers experience.

We deliver cost-efficient business and operational management services by combining flexible financial and delivery models with industry-specific expertise and an unmatched delivery record.

Prism Global Strategic Sourcing offerings provide a wide range of managed services to support business and operational support systems (BSS/OSS), service delivery platforms (SDP), and directory publishing for the media and communications industry. Our flexible and tailored outsourcing solutions include support for IT infrastructure management and hosting, application management and business process operations (operational and IT oriented).

In addition, Prism provides managed transformation services, enabling service providers to modernize or consolidate their systems while saving on operational and capital costs. Our services are designed to provide value across all environments, based on Prism's or legacy in-house or third-party systems.

For Instance Today's CEOs / CIOs have the challenge to meet the increasing business demands while the budgets are shrinking and the technology is becoming more and more complex. So what does the CEO/CIO need?

- Availability of application infrastructure for end-users
- IT Strategy leveraging existing infrastructure
- Simplified vendor management
- Compliance with corporate governance
- Scaling IT operations for business growth
- Ability to manage cutting-edge technology
- Create value potential of IT and not just managing costs

Flexible Service Delivery:
Flexible service delivery and convenient service options are integral features of Prism Managed IT Services. Customer can choose to select services options such as onsite, remote or a combination of the two. Prism offers further flexibility in services to its customers by offering short-term and long-term agreement. This flexibility in services allows customer to choose the mode that best suits their business requirement.

Prism currently offers Managed IT Services in the following areas:
- Datacenter Establishment
- IT Facilities Management
- Remote Management
- Managed Security
- System Integration
- Infrastructure Optimization

The Prism IT Advantage:
- Past experience in managing complex & business critical IT infrastructure
- Ability to deliver globally
- Long-term sustainability and financial stability
- Resource skills and certifications
- Best people and process practices
- Scalability and flexibility in operations

Business Benefits:
- Better control and efficiencies of scale
- Gain Insights into application performance and end user experience
- Speedy transition and reduce dependency on manpower through automation
- Access to proven expertise in BFSI domain
- Peace of Mind

We drive business objectives. We guarantee business results.

Application Development



We help enterprises expand their businesses by Custom Application development and implementation services that are capable of performing across multiple platforms and infrastructures. Cost-effectiveness and strong delivery capabilities in Agile and Waterfall Methodologies are at the focus of our application development and maintenance strategy. Our matured application development services encompass all the phases & layers of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), starting from translating business needs into project requirements through implementation and post-production user support. With a rich experience of providing cost effective and quality custom application development services and solutions capable of consistent performance, Prism can provide rapid adaptation- with minimal interruptions in the current processes and has worked with clientele worldwide.

In just a few short years, the Application Development industry has seen dramatic changes — both from customers looking for software solutions and from the resource pool of development talent.

At Prism, we help define your requirements, write specifications and design, develop, test and integrate software across multiple platforms — including Internet technologies — enabling your systems to function in new operating environments.

We follow one of two approaches to application development and integration:
-Full life-cycle application development, in which we assume start-to-finish responsibility for analysis, design, implementation, testing and integration of systems; or
-Cooperative development, in which our experts work with your in-house IT personnel to jointly analyze, design, implement, test and integrate new systems.

Our Application Development & Management
Prism offers scalable end-to-end application development and management solutions from requirement analysis to deployment and rollout.
Our mature and proven service delivery instills stringent quality measures in our processes to enable us to provide predictable, low-risk, high-quality development and maintenance services.

Prism’s services span the following application lifecycle stages:

• Application Development – Providing end-to-end development from requirement analysis to deployment and rollout.
• Application Maintenance - Changing or enhancing software to meet changing or increasing business demands in the post-rollout phase of an application
• Application Support – Providing first, second, third line support and on-call support. On-call support further includes Gold (24x7), Silver and Bronze support.
• Application Integration/Migration/Transformation - Replacing, migrating and integrating legacy or bespoke systems.
• Application Management -The application management layer cuts across all software engineering activities listed above. Prism takes complete ownership of the outsourced suite of applications as per the agreed scope and manages the support. This typically involves transition management, project management, proactive risk and scope change management, quality management, SLA management etc.

Application Service Management
For Communications Service Providers, it is crucial to have applications up and running for carrying out business functions smoothly. This is possible only when applications are maintained and supported properly by experts who understand their domain completely. These experts need to not only ensure that all the applications are in good health but also increase the their overall reliability, accessibility, performance, and effectiveness of applications.

Prism has deep understanding of various Telecom domains and expertise in handling the entire gamut of Services (Life-Cycle & In-Life). With over hundreds of full time resources working in Application Service Management area, we handle over thousand trouble tickets per month. Our end-to-end Service Wrap teams bring in business focus and ensure that all initiatives are well aligned to Customer Objectives delivering Operational and Cost benefits. Our Application Service Management services include:

Life-Cycle Services

• Software Quality Assurance
• Configuration Management
• Build Management
• Development Support
• Implementation & Migration
• Environment Management
• Database/OS Admin
• Integration Management
• Acceptance into Service
• Performance Modeling
• Security Testing

In-Life Services

• Proactive Monitoring
• 1st, 2nd & 3rd Line Support
• Service Management
• Performance & Capacity Monitoring
• Post Implementation Testing
• Customer Dissatisfaction
• Data Migration & System Closure
• Deployment Management
• Performance Modeling
• Security Testing

Our custom application development services include:
- Application design, development, and implementation
- Systems integration/consolidation
- Re-engineering, performance tuning and porting services
- Implementation of packages
- Feasibility and requirement analysis for business case

Application Support & Maintenance



In the software lifecycle, nearly 70% of the cost goes into Application Support & Maintenance activities. Research suggests that large enterprises spend an average of 73% of their IT budget on Application Maintenance of existing system. Clearly, Application Management presents high potential for cost savings in global enterprises.

Prism's expertise in Application support and maintenance has seen a long list of partnerships with its customers for more than a decade, Prism offers a cost effective solution to customers through
- Focus on performance measures and continuous improvement besides Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
- Timely resolution of issues and root cause analysis of each issue
- Established support matrix offering Help Desk services and
- Multi-level maintenance process using a Corrective, Preventive, Adaptive & Perfective approach

Our Methodology:Prism has developed a high level of competency in providing Support for IT Operations remotely for its global clientele. Prism has a unique and proven Application Management Methodology to ensure:
- Efficient knowledge transfer from existing staff
- Effective take over of Application support
- Smooth & transparent operations
- Cost effective services
- Service is in line with SLAs

We at Prism follow some of the best Practices resulting in
- Continuous improvement in application support and maintenance services with objective of lowering Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
- Established practice focusing on defining / improving processes
- Feedback of lessons learned from projects to practice for wider implementation
- Generating knowledge repository of issues / resolution for future references.

Embedded Software


Software is embedded all around us—in our cars, our phones and many of the electronic devices that enhance our daily lives.

The manufacturers of these smart goods understand just how essential the software is for their differentiation in the market. That is where Prism Embedded Software Services comes in.

Prism Embedded Software Services provides innovative solutions to design, develop, engineer, test and maintain software across the complete product lifecycle. We can help you better address the conflicting demands of time-to-market, performance and quality for embedded software and services.

Potential business benefits include:
- Improved ROI on R&D spend
- Increased revenue and margins
- Faster and more predictable product launches and ramp-up
- Product and application differentiation
- Access to technology expertise
- Reduction in time and costs in testing
- Accelerated global product development design efficiency and improved product development processes

Embedded Software in Prism is focused on design and development in the areas of computing systems (PC's and Servers), Networking and Datacom, Peripherals, Storage devices and systems, Mobile and multimedia applications & systems. We also specialize in development of automated testing tools for hardware and software products and systems in the systems and embedded software space. Completing the entire ecosystem of embedded software services there is a verification and validation of products and systems for specification conformance, performance and inter-operability. Our host of embedded software services applies to Product Conceptualization and Development, Design Verification, Mass Production and Maintenance.

WHY PRISM For Embedded Software?
Backed by broad experience across the world, Prism Embedded Software Services helps drive innovation and transform organizations’ R&D and product software engineering operations. We offer clients:

Deep Embedded Software Skills
We bring unparalleled technical skills, as well as breadth and depth in architecture, software design and development, integration and device optimization backed by strong R&D experience and industry know-how.

Robust Assets & Industrialized Delivery
Prism’s methodologies enable predictable, on-time delivery—reusable technical libraries, test scripts, codeline management, remote debugging and performance analysis, multi-level scrum teams and checkpoint reviews.

Global Footprint
Our onshore, nearshore and offshore capabilities provide both the scalability to meet any challenge and the proximity to support clients in key geographies.

Business Consulting

Business Consulting & Global Delivery @ Prism

To transform, grow, innovate, improve business efficiency and get the most out of your IT investments, you need the right partner, one with the experience and knowledge to help you get the job done right and achieve the results you want.

The days of flying an entire team of business consultants to a client site, incurring the high costs of travel, and thinking about problems with a local perspective are over. We knew that clients were tired of this old model of consulting. As the pioneer of the Global Delivery Model, we developed a new model for consulting based on a simple idea: A blended offering of high quality business consulting onsite with impeccable technology implementation offsite.

Prism Consulting is committed to helping service providers deliver a superior customer experience, drive revenue streams, reduce costs, and improve quality.

We have the experience. We plan, manage and execute Medium & large-scale consulting and transformation projects for some of the worlds leading service providers.

Prism offers
- Unmatched BSS/OSS expertise
- Proven methodologies for consulting and delivery
- An unparalleled delivery track record

Prism Business Consulting Services include:
- Program Management
- Solution Implementation
- Business Readiness & Deployment
- Workforce Performance & Learning
- System Integration Services

System Integration


For your system to deliver the results you planned, every component has to be in the right place, in full working order, and smoothly integrated with all the other parts of the system.

This isn't easy.

And when making a change, you need the implementation process to be as fast and as painless as possible.

Prism Systems Integration Services ensure a smooth transition from project deployment through to implementation and operation. Our field-proven, structured methodologies, extensive best practices and pre-configured tools deliver rapid results with low risk to every project.

And our holistic approach ensures that people, processes and technology are aligned with your company’s vision and goals and that Prism has visibility of and accountability for end-to-end testing processes.

Prism offers multiple models for delivering systems integration services, including offshore/onsite/nearsite models that significantly reduce costs, increase operational flexibility, and enable near 24x7 productivity.

Prism Systems Integration Services include:

- Program Management - Solution Implementation
- Business Readiness & Deployment
- SI Testing
- Workforce Performance & Learning

Specially Telecom Industry worldwide has moved away from its traditional nature of enabling voice connectivity. The rapid developments in different technologies, convergence and the burgeoning subscriber base, especially in the emerging markets are boosting Telecommunication Service Providers to transform into Communication Service Providers (CSPs). TSPs are now moving beyond ‘Voice’ and venturing into Data, Media And Entertainment space. This transformational journey has opened new doors of opportunities along with newer set of challenges to be addressed, such as:

• Reduced Time to Market
• Innovation to stay ahead of the competition
• Regulatory Compliances
• Improve Revenue Margins
• Improved Customer Experience
• Arrest Customer Churn
• Arrest Revenue Leakage
• Improved Operational Efficiency
• Scalability, Reliability and Robustness
• IT Asset rationalization due to Merger & Acquisitions

Our Systems Integration Group combines Prism's rich project management skills with Prism's experience in delivery of high quality and reliable IT services in various domains like Energy & Petrochemical, Manufacturing, Finance, Insurance, Telecom, Defense and Railway sectors of industry with the help of its strong technology alliances & partnerships with global leaders like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, and other niche players.

Collectively, we present end to end solutions in ERP, business analytics, middleware and infrastructure management to offer high value Systems Integration services.

We bring together discrete systems utilizing a variety of techniques such as computer networking, enterprise application integration and business process management to aid our customers build a distinct competitive advantage.

Application Migration & Modernisation

Application Migration & Modernisation

Studies show that over 70% applications of the world are still on Mainframe and Legacy systems, and most businesses are in a desperate need to modernize and upgrade their IT applications environment. Prism's Application Migration, Re-engineering & Modernization services help customers to modernize and migrate from older platforms to newer ones with minimum risks. Prism has effectively modernized legacy applications by improving operational efficiency, reducing the cost of doing business and improving information assets.

Numerous application migration and modernization engagements have helped us continuously fine tune our methodology and processes and with this experience, we have developed a robust application modernization methodology that assimilates leading best practices in the industry and delivers an innovative set of processes through phases :
- Efficient knowledge transfer
- Effective knowledge management
- Design centric approach ensures better solution
- Reduced information localization
- Smooth & transparent operations
- Service is in line with SLAs

Prism Best Industry Practices

- Use of Software Tools & Utilities to Automate the Process
- Validation of Extracted Information to ensure Completeness & Correctness
- Use of available Software Artifacts by making use of Manual & Tool based Approach
- Effective IP Protection
- Model Driven Application Modernization
- HTML based "generated" Documentation

Specially in this fast paced Communication industry, Operators need to continuously change - proactively and reactively. These transformations could be a result of competition requiring business agility, NGN transition requiring complete BSS/OSS transformation, M&A activity requiring operators to extract synergies of operations, regulatory mandates such as wholesale / retail splits requiring organizational and operational level transformations.

Prism’s Transformation services portfolio provides the cornerstone of a holistic approach to managing, controlling and driving the change according to strategic business priorities. Some of the key business issues of operators that Prism can help bring a turnaround.

Prism helps align people, processes and technology through best practices and a broad portfolio of services and solutions proven to be successful in engagements worldwide. These services can help your Organisation to achieve measurable results quickly and with lower risk.

Transformation Services
Prism Transformation Services portfolio focuses on few primary service areas where it offers proven standards-based solutions. These include:
• Revenue Uplift
• Convergence
• Customer Experience
• Business Agility
• Operational Efficiency

Product Services


You invest a significant amount of time money in your systems. But are you getting the most out of every investment? To help you maximize and protect your investments in Prism software, we offer professional and support services across the entire life cycle of our products.

Prism Professional Services help you solve key challenges and make the right decisions throughout the entire product life cycle, from planning through to implementation and post-production. Our services are flexible, fitting your preferred model for project engagement, whether we’re providing guidance, team participation, or full task ownership. We bring the most up-to-date product knowledge and accumulated best practices to help you achieve adoption and production success.

Prism Product Support maximizes and protects customer investments in our products. Based on our proven track record supporting business-critical applications, our support packages help you maximize business performance, strengthen your competitive position, and ensure ongoing, consistent operations over the long term.

Prism Product Support's packages are designed to provide the right support for your business. The comprehensive Prism Preferred Support package includes an extensive range of essential support services to meet the requirements of business-critical applications. It can be further enhanced with Prism Premium Support package, for committed service-level agreement (SLA) resolution time and a dedicated Support Account Manager. Prism's Active Support offers a range of advanced services uniquely designed to avoid faults, optimize performance and assure superior support across your Prism solution.

Business Intelligence

What Business Intelligence Systems Are Available?

Efficient data recording and analysis can be one of the most important factors to running a successful company. This not only enables you to highlight areas of low productivity within your organisation but creates a competitive edge over rivals. In order to receive the most prompt and accurate information you must have the correct systems in place.

Business Intelligence allows for effective decision-making and coordination from department to department which will save on expenditure while improving overall performance. Below are examples of the types of BI systems available to your company.

Mobile business intelligence
A great way to optimise communication that will bring all aspects of your business to you wherever you are, such as data information and analysis, is to invest in a BI system designed for mobile phones. This means that management can stay connected to work when not in the office and important decisions can be made without time or location being a factor. Being able to multi-task is an essential part of any management team so this is extremely beneficial.

BI reporting
Customer data along with internal reports are easily presented with specific BI applications intended to create clear and concise methods for extraction. Future planning using swift, correct data leads to efficient delegation of tasks and a foothold within a competitive market.

With Business Intelligence you can receive regular reports without delay, trends that will reflect patterns in your business and the market you operate in, condensed information from all partners you deal with, collected customer details in terms of sales and preferences, projection software to portray in meetings and security to stop from information theft.

Financial analytics
Income and expenditure is arguably the most important factor within a business as it has a bearing on the existence and sustainability of it. Business Intelligence software catered toward financial improvements helps to present information that can then be analysed in great detail by the appropriate people within an organisation. Data comes ready-made to management, by-passing irrelevant departments, enabling pre-planned expenditure and forecasted profitability.

Data to Information
With the amount of data at the hands of companies it can be necessary to outsource the task of retrieving each piece of information and presenting it as valuable content such as graphs and statistics. This method of analytics is cheaper in terms of time and cost than if you delegated your own employees to carry out the process.

The Business Intelligence software will condense data into categories of relevance and importance to management. The subsequent information can then be used to project targets for, and within, the company. There may also be prior consultations with management and stakeholders before implementing the system so as to see what areas need improvement or are lacking in fundamental elements, such as extra employees, training, investment etc. These will pin-point the applicable data needed to be sourced by the BI system.

Business Intelligence systems offer support in terms of scenario planning and helpdesks which is also useful to have if certain situations arise or there is trouble incorporating new applications into company operations.

Business Intelligence Reporting

Business Intelligence Reporting Solutions

Solutions for reporting high quality board reports or high volume proforma customer documents.

Ever find that the report generation can be the hardest part of the task? The underlying systems have the data but getting it onto a printed or online report just takes too long? We use simple Business Intelligence Solutions to make this task easy by fully automating it. It is fast, easy to use and most importantly it frees up time for you.

There are a range of benefits that our Business Intelligence Reporting Solutions can provide to your business which include the following:

•Automate production of reports to save time
•Report on non-financial and financial information, trends, and transactional data to achieve a more complete understanding of the business.
•Combine textual and numerical information into a single report.
•Combine information from different sources such as an ERP (SAP), a CRM (Siebel), a database (Oracle), and a file (MS Excel) etc. into one report.
•Write-back numerical and textual information to the system to collect user’s inputs and intellectual capital
•Publish to an extranet, intranet, Microsoft office package, pdf, html, portal, print or e-mail
•Empower users to build their own reports without IT involvement
•Deliver an executive console to senior management for access to reports
•Choose from pictorial or text based menu systems
•Provide One-Touch reporting for fast and easy self service reporting
•Manipulate ("slice and dice") data within reports to view results from the most useful perspective (time, initiative, product line, business unit, etc.)
•Use security features to control who has access to the information in the reports
•Avail of powerful visualisation tools, not mere charts, but interactive visual portrayals of the information in the report that are designed to engage users

Mobile Business Intelligence

Mobile Business Intelligence

'The biggest value is in operational BI - information in the context of applications - not in pushing lots of data to somebody's phone.'

The use of Business Intelligence (BI) on the move provides instant access to corporate data and provides a significant advantage to the user. Imagine being able to consume data on the move, analysis at your fingertips away from the office. With mobile Business Intelligence the data comes with you.

A recent report by the Aberdeen Group has found that Business Intelligence usage amongst organisations with mobile BI was twice the level of those that had not mobilised their BI.

The following points need to be considered for a mobile Business Intelligence solution:

•Capable of real-time or in-memory analysis
•Compatibility with existing Business Intelligence systems
•Graphically based user interface
•Integration with existing mobile initiative
•Multi-platform compatibility
•Optimised for touch

Prism's CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Customer Relationship Management - CRM

A customer-centric enterprise strives to continuously create superior customer value and consistently deliver an exceptional customer experience across all customer touch points.

More than ever, CRM is critical to an organization’s success. After more than a decade of harnessing cost-savings potential to remain competitive in an increasingly global economy, driving growth has replaced cutting costs as the most important goal for most CEOs. Hence it’s no surprise that CRM is back on the agenda of many top executives. To stimulate organic growth, organizations are beginning to explore a more disciplined approach to exploit untapped opportunities and make the most of relationships with customers. They seek new ways to increase wallet share, deploy new channels, penetrate underserved segments, reach out to new customers and enter entirely new markets.

In order to succeed and gain competitive advantage, an organization must achieve more than running effective marketing campaigns or operating an efficient call center. They need to take a holistic approach to CRM and put the customer at the center of their business. They need to identify sources of differentiation that are difficult to imitate and excel across and beyond customer touch points.

Hence, to achieve sustainable, profitable growth, CRM needs to encompass more than customer-facing operations alone. Entire business processes such as order to cash or customer problem resolution need to be streamlined, seamlessly connected to other critical business functions (from finance to the supply chain), and designed to meet customer expectations regarding quality, speed, convenience and reliability. Organizations need to break down the silos and redesign business processes from end to end, intertwined and coordinated across front and back offices for a common goal: to create and deliver value to the customer – and get value in return.

Top-performing organizations have realized that they need to build their businesses around the customer to ensure long-term success. They know who their most valuable customers are and understand their needs and buying habits. They target and tailor their offerings and personalize their interactions with their customers. They design and continuously improve business processes across their entire ecosystem — including suppliers and channel partners — to respond quickly to changing customer needs. They strive to become fully customer-centric, deliver superior customer value and consistently provide an exceptional customer experience across all customer touch points. And they make every effort to build long-term relationships with their customers, recognizing that keeping customers is more profitable in the long run than winning new customers over and over again. Essentially, this is what CRM is about. It’s a customer-centric business strategy – not a technology. However, IT is a mission critical element of this strategy, not just to understand each customer’s needs, but also to reshape business processes to meet customer expectations, empower employees to best serve the customer, and determine how to most efficiently and effectively deliver on those needs.

CRM Is About…
•Winning and keeping customers,
•Capitalizing on customer insight,
•Building long-term profitable relationships,
•Providing a consistent customer experience across channels,
•Delivering value to your customers,
•Achieving a sustainable competitive advantage to grow your business.

Prism's SCM (Supply Chain Management)

Supply Chain Management - SCM

Effectively manage the entire supply chain to meet and exceed customer expectations

Transform your linear supply chain into a responsive supply network, and quickly adapt to ever-changing markets. Our supply chain management software can help you synchronise your planning, distribution, transportation and logistics – for an 'always on' 24/7 operation.

Recognised by key industry analysts as one of the market-leading supply chain management (SCM) software solutions, SAP Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM) can also help you maintain your relationships with suppliers, customers and contract manufacturers – facilitating your connections and collaboration around the globe.

Develop a responsive supply network – with our supply chain management (SCM) solutions
No matter the size of your business, our supply chain management (SCM) solutions can help you build resiliency and flexibility into your supply network – for responsive planning, improved collaboration, and seamless execution.

•Respond quickly to changes in supply and demand
•Determine accurate customer delivery dates
•Optimize inventory, labor, resources, and space
•Leverage analytics to monitor and measure performance
•Develop risk avoidance and mitigation strategies
•Ensure compliance with international trade regulations

Strike the right balance between supply and demand with our SCM software

Improve global demand forecast accuracy and leverage collaborative planning processes – to consistently balance supply and demand. Our SCM software can help you quickly respond to market opportunities and supply chain disturbances, for maximized profitability and minimized costs.

• Commit to orders with full confidence and increase customer satisfaction
•Control supply chain costs and reduce inventory across your network
•Facilitate collaboration for improved visibility and decision making
•Integrate purchasing, manufacturing, and distribution
•Align data with partners to improve supply chain efficiency

Integrate end-to-end logistics and fulfillment processes with Prism's SCM software

Bottom lines look a lot better when companies effectively and efficiently source, store, move, and deliver products. Boost your profitability with integrated, single platform logistics and fulfillment software solutions from Prism's SCM.

• Reduce inventory costs and increase asset utilization
•Manage complexity through network-wide visibility
•Improve collaboration and ensure compliance
•Consistently deliver the right product to the right place at the right time

Prism's HCM (Human Capital Management)

Human Capital Management - HCM

Talent Management Solutions for Human Resources

Managing your most vital asset – your people – is a top priority, whether you have a handful of employees or run a large multinational firm. Our human capital management tools not only help automate HR processes for increased efficiency, they can also help you recruit, develop and retain the talent you need to make your business thrive.

Take advantage of advanced analytics to ensure your HR objectives are aligned with corporate strategy. Rely on our HCM software to maintain a single version of the truth, compliant with both global and local requirements.

Empower your workforce to succeed by optimizing your ERP HCM processes with Prism's ERP

Give your employees every opportunity to achieve their career goals – and your business objectives – by leveraging our Prism's ERP software to automate, streamline, and extend your ERP HCM processes.

• Automate employee administration, time management, payroll, and legal reporting processes
•Support compliance with changing global and local HR regulations
•Understand, evaluate, and measure your workforce's contributions to the bottom line
•Attract and hire the right people – and make new hires productive quickly
•Pinpoint where your talent lies and train and cultivate your workforce
•Align employee goals with your overall business objectives

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Prism's cloud computing gives you the power to take your business to the next level and run better in weeks

Cloud computing changes the way you acquire and use computing resources. Whether you are considering a new implementation or extending your existing on-premise investments, Prism's cloud solutions provide you the flexibility to innovate your business while paying for only what you need. What's more, our cloud computing solutions are designed for rapid deployment so you can adapt to changing business needs and run better, faster.

•Minimise upfront capital investments and benefit from more flexible operating expenses
•Reduce costs by eliminating expensive IT infrastructure and specialised staff to deploy, operate and upgrade systems
•Accommodate business growth through scalable solutions that let you adapt quickly

Cloud solutions are tailored to your business needs – whatever they may be

Cloud solutions are cost-effective to purchase, deploy and manage – and deliver rapid time to value. These solutions can grow with your business, expand your business processes and seamlessly integrate with your existing on-premise IT investments. Better yet, they can be used with all types of mobile devices.


Prism has a template based approach to implement processes in rapid product life cycles. Our innovative approach help's in improving productivity, creating value and leading to a model driven approach to software product engineering services. Prism during its long experience in providing software product engineering services has worked closely with various multinationals software companies. With development experience in multiple products and components ranging from back end retailing solution, story creation product, middleware components and drivers for database, Prism also has implementation experience in creating a language independent - platform independent - database independent programming library for its customers. With product development life cycle being highly changeable and time to market increasingly becoming shorter, mechanisms like agile development and the iterative models are essential component in software product engineering services at Prism. This learning has also led to advanced services around technology refresh and on-demand models (SaaS).

Prism IT looks at your processes and applications together in the same "layer" so that you get the combined power of Products and Solutions.

Value Proposition
Products define the identity of technology companies, and the current business environment is looking to adopt innovative ways to turn ideas into real products - quickly. In addition, the complexities in technology and the advancement in chip technology have created increasing dis-aggregation in the industry.

Prism is the leading independent provider of R&D services in the world. Using “Extended Engineering” model for leveraging R&D investment and accessing new knowledge and experience across the globe, people and technical infrastructure, Prism enables firms to introduce new products rapidly.

Product software is playing an increasingly important role in many industries—but this raises significant challenges for traditional hardware companies seeking to achieve high performance.

A wide variety of networks & devices —especially mobile phones, consumer electronics, household appliances and handheld computing devices—now contain embedded software to drive convergence of services across any device and network. Such software has become a critical product differentiator, meaning software development and innovation has emerged as a key success factor for companies whose historical core competence has been in hardware design and manufacturing.

The pressure to develop embedded software thus creates a range of new management challenges for these companies, including:

- Time to market: Software development time must be carefully integrated into the existing processes to reduce its impact on time to market.

- Need to collaborate partners to create an eco-system: Companies need to develop new relationships with software vendors to ensure that embedded software is interoperable and meets industry standards. A current issue is that embedded software lacks its own set of standards.

- Synchronizing embedded software development with hardware design: Established hardware design processes must now take into account the needs of the software—and development teams must cooperate.

- Testing: As technologies converge and products become more complex, testing becomes very challenging. Product recalls can tarnish companies' carefully crafted brand images.

Prism provides integrated consulting, technology and outsourcing services to leading consumer products companies around the globe in four key areas:

Transform the Enterprise: A comprehensive, transformational approach to the enterprise is needed to achieve sustained improvements in today’s low-growth, low-margin environment.
•ERP Integration
•Finance and Employee Transformation
•Service-Oriented Architecture
•Transformational Outsourcing

Differentiated Supply Chain: Responding to the needs of new high-growth channels and emerging markets.
•Supply Chain Management

Collaborative Go-to-Market: To “right balance” the relationship with retailers, consumer products companies must enhance their capabilities with their trading partners to present one face to the customer.
•CRM, Sales & Service Mobility
•Customer Profitability
•Global Data Synchronization
•Trade Promotion Management

Organize to Innovate: Bringing innovative products to market faster and more successfully.
•Business Intelligence
•Product Lifecycle Management

Infrastructure Management Services

Prism IT understands how critical your IT infrastructure is to the smooth functioning of your business and we make it our job to ensure that it runs efficiently with zero service disruption time.

Prism has demonstrated its ability to deliver a responsive Infrastructure Management Services to its clients and our evolutionary engagement models and consultative partnership approach have helped clients in cost reduction, resource optimization and technology alignment.

Our Offerings
Prism provides full lifecycle Infrastructure Management Services to the clients across the globe. Supported by global alliances, Prism brings in agility and efficiency in managing critical infrastructure services. Prism offers low-risk, high-quality managed infrastructure services that includes:

• Data Centre Services

» Consolidation & Transformation
» Plan, Design, & Build
» Managed Hosting & Migration
» Server Management
» Storage / Backup Management
» Monitoring & Service Assurance
» Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Services
» ITIL Consulting

• Managed Network Services

» Plan, Design, & Engineering
» Network Operations Center Services
» Network Monitoring
» Performance Management
» WAN / LAN Management

• Application Support Services

» Database Management
» Remote Application Monitoring & Support
» Tools Integration & Support

• End User Services

» Desktop Virtualization Services (VDI Design & Implementation)
» Technical Help Desk
» Workplace Management
» Remote Desktop Management
» Messaging / Email Services
» Onsite Services

IM Consulting

Infrastructure Management Consultancy

In today's volatile business world, enterprises face significant challenges in scaling and managing their global IT infrastructure. To meet these challenges, Prism offers focused solutions in core infrastructure areas for building and managing the enterprise IT infrastructure comprising lifecycle services in datacenter management, desktop management, database administration, and web operations. Prism’s domain expertise spans a diverse set of systems and technologies within an organization's enterprise IT infrastructure.

Enterprises can achieve cost efficiencies and accelerated time-to-delivery by leveraging Prism’s robust global delivery model, proven methodologies, standardized tools and mature processes for enterprise infrastructure management services (IMS). Prism offers focused solutions in core infrastructure areas and leverages its proven IT infrastructure assessment tool and methodologies to design solutions that are closely aligned to the client's business strategy.

Our comprehensive, industry-leading portfolio of infrastructure management services guarantees high reliability, round-the-clock availability, remote manageability, and optimum scalability. Our domain expertise spans diverse set of systems and technologies. Client’s can leverage Prism’s offshore service delivery centers to avail proactive and cost-effective solutions and gain quick return on IT infrastructure investments.

Our Infrastructure Management Consulting methodology is based on intellectual property and reference architectures developed through proof of concept testing in our solution centers, rounded out with the real-world experience of supporting many customer implementations. We take advantage of innovative tools and automated analysis to avoid labor or time intensive consulting engagements and deliver more rapid results. Infrastructure management consulting service model utilizes innovative tools, automated analysis and our own intellectual property to give customers insight into what is driving IT complexity. We can deliver a set of practical executable plans for simplifying IT infrastructure, helping reduce operating costs while freeing up resources for new business initiatives. Our unique approach to Services gives you the flexibility to select only those point services that meet your needs or choose our end-to-end solution. Infrastructure Management Consulting from Prism can help you maximize the value of your information technology investments and create an efficient, effective and scalable IT infrastructure. Our Services include Systems Integration, Networking , Enterprise Management , Asset Management , Security and Infrastructure Assessment for E-Business.

Prism takes a practice based approach to working with customers, providing either technology focused consulting in support of specific implementation projects such as Microsoft, Storage and visualization; or broader issue-based consulting focused on End-User Computing, Data Center optimization and Service Management.

Prism IT understands how critical your IT infrastructure is to the smooth functioning of your business.

Our Focuss:

» Neutral review of existing and planned IT infrastructure
» Cost Savings Recommendations
» Time and cost savings
» Optimization of IT systems inline with your business goals

Prism's IMS Portfolio

Data Centre Management

Data Center Management

In today’s data center, effective IT management in a heterogeneous environment is vital to controlling costs. The need to streamline processes and deliver business value has become a growing requirement and with consolidations and vendor-independent, platforms, having a strategic focus on data center management becomes a necessity.

» How IT staffs, monitors, and performs change management?
» How the data center is designed to remain available despite network or power outages?
» How the data center guards against damage from natural disasters such as fires and earthquakes?

At Prism, we help define your requirements, write specifications and design, develop, test and integrate software across multiple platforms — including Internet technologies — enabling your systems to function in new operating environments.

These are critical concerns affecting many. At Prism, we have expertise in application i.e. ERP and CRM systems etc to handle client's core business and operational data. We have the trained staff to give support on those systems even if they are proprietary and developed internally by the organization, or bought from enterprise software vendors. Through the best practices of Data Center management process we can handle application running across platform and using common database, file servers, application servers middle wares and various others. We can design a flexible model for disaster recovery to suite client's requirement by following global standards. Our services offered include Server Management Services, Database Administration Services, Backup and Storage Management Services and Web Infrastructure Services.

Our Database Administration
Prism offers Database Administration solutions and services that help organizations minimize complexity, and garner tangible business value from their database investments. Enterprises can focus on its core competencies while outsourcing end-to-end database administration. This includes managing and monitoring mission critical databases, and standardizing business rules and procedures across the organization and implementing industry best practices. Prism leverages state-of-the-art database management systems (DBMS) products and solutions to manage tasks like migrations, upgrades, patch deployments, replication, data loading, and performance tuning.

At Prism, we have established a Database Administration Team of excellence (DBA CoE), which has been successfully administering very large database (VLDB) environments.

Clients can avail expertise across Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, DB2 UDB including sound knowledge of underlying operating systems (Windows/ Unix/ Linux/ Solaris) and networks, data modeling, database warehousing, and database monitoring. Prism also offers consultancy services for designing databases, data modeling, database growth, forecasting, and database migrations.


Our Data Center Operations
Prism’s Data Center Operations practice helps global organizations transform the datacenter into a competitive advantage. Prism offers a flexible IT infrastructure that successfully reduces TCO, offers a more predictable cost structure and maximizes return on investment. Patni supports customers across the data center management lifecycle, right from planning, migration and consolidation to data center operations.

Clients can leverage the customized service level agreement and ITIL v3 compliant processes offered by Prism to ensure reliable operation of critical systems. Additionally, Prism’s proven global delivery model offers the flexibility to upscale or downscale resource requirements and ensures lower capital investments.


Our Process

» Consulting Services designing and deploying IT Operations Process along ITIL based process and standard operating procedures for service delivery.
» Secure and redundant connectivity to your Data Center from our Operations Management Centers
» Using world-class ITIL-compliant service management tools
» Defining and implementing a robust transition management process
» Deploying efficient and effective program management and sophisticated real-time management dashboards/portals

Our Industry Practices

» Technology Management
» ITIL Based Process Management
» End-to-end 24x7 IT Infrastructure Monitoring & Management, Service Availability, Performance and Capacity Monitoring & Management
» Data Center Environment Control
» Vendor and Third Party Supplier Management
» Service Levels Based Management and Governance
» We support the major prevalent technologies across Operating Systems, Network Devices, Messaging and Collaboration environments, Web and Web application servers, Databases, Security Devices, besides Backup and Storage devices

Server & Storage Services

Server and Storage Services

It includes support for enterprise-wide server hardware, server OS and storage devices

» 24x7 incident and problem management (L1/L2/L3)
» User and group management
» Access control and security management
» Performance and capacity management
» OS Installation, configuration and hardening
» Version migrations and up gradation
» High availability set-up - configuration and administration
» Storage Design and Implementation
» Server virtualization & consolidation

Our Few Server Services Include:
The dedicated hosting options provide a single computer dedicated to your needs. A dedicated server gives you increased speed, flexibility, control, site traffic and room to grow. We monitor your server, notify you if it goes offline and reboot it for free. We even do monthly security audits to ensure your server has the latest patches and OS upgrades.

Prism’s pre-configured managed dedicated servers have many advantages and uses:

» The ideal solution for mission-critical sites requiring custom server management
» The perfect solution for dedicated hosting resellers, web developers and designers
» A perfect solution for webmasters who need greater flexibility, reliability and security for their clients
» A boon for inexperienced server administrators A backbone of a corporate Intranet
» A robust server for online gaming, streaming media and e-mail /dns /chat applications
» Anything else that requires great reliability, speed and a top level of security

Co-location refers to an approach whereby you 'co-locate' your servers in an environment in which you can take advantage of our high availability and redundant infrastructure as well as gain access to high network bandwidth. You have the option of procuring rack space, bandwidth, connection to the Internet, uninterruptible power supply and 24 x 7 server monitoring. We provide greater flexibility as well as the 'standard configuration'. You can bring your own set of equipment to one of our managed Centers and choose rack space and connectivity that best meets your individual needs.

We offer server as well as rack co-location and the service includes the basics like:

Power Cycling:

» Fire alarm, smoke detection and fire suppression systems
» UPS and generator power backup
» Cooling systems for protection of equipment
» Warm rebooting of servers
» Cabling
» Basic physical security
» Secure environment

You can also choose various optional services like:

»Dedicated physical and electronic security measures
»Caging of co-located area
»Secure cabinets for equipment
»Redundant, diversely routed bandwidth
»High-speed internet connectivity to tire-1 carries
»24 x 7 monitoring of network connection and server availability
»On-site technical support services
»Vendor management services
»Report generation

At Prism, we provide 24x7 remote server management, in addition to real-time server monitoring and comprehensive, Web-based reporting for key performance statistics to clients who prefer to outsource their server infrastructure operations. Leveraging our remote tools, automated processes and skilled technical resources, we monitor everything from hardware platforms to operating systems, offering expertise in the most common services and applications. Our server management services include the following:

Application Monitoring
We monitor server status, availability and response time for the most common processes and applications.

Fault Monitoring
We continuously monitor key performance metrics to automatically detect server faults, connectivity losses and abnormal restarts, assign severity levels and route fault reports to appropriate technicians.

Performance Reporting
We provide data collection, statistical processing, data storage and graphical reporting of key performance metrics.

Problem Management
We leverage highly trained, certified experts and ISO- certified processes to guarantee a rapid, high-quality and repeatable response to server problems and ensure that clients experience the highest availability and performance from their IT infrastructures.

Change Management
We offer an automated process that enables clients to electronically certify routine server configuration changes and submit them to our Enterprise Operations Center, where they are scheduled, executed and documented.

Secure corporate mail server with universal access.

Prism Mail Server represents a new generation of mail servers designed for corporate networks. To help combat increasing security threats, Prism's Mail Server offers a wide range of features to keep email from being intercepted, infected by computer viruses, or sent as Spam.

Prism presents the reliable and fastest new age communication and messaging device that saves time increases efficiency and brings a smile on every corporate face.

Prism Mail Server offers modern email services, such as email access via IMAP protocol, secure web interface. It also allows for creating public folders or setting up automatic replies.

» Antivirus control of all email removes viruses from both incoming and outgoing mail.
» Attachment filter removes dangerous attachments from all messages.
» Anti spam protects users from Spam email.
» SMTP Firewall and authentication
» Mailboxes are accessible from any computer in the world & LAN via its Web Mail interface.
» Secured and defined Administrator and User Lever Access.
» Internal & External Mailing, Proxy, Remote Login Solution Secure mail.
» Auto Forward, BCC, CC to all incoming and outgoing mails
» Platform Independent
» Ideal tool for Corporate, SME and ISP’s.
» Remote Dialing for dial up customers.
» Disaster Recovery.
» Easy Installation and management
» Customized GUI with Corporate Branding.
» Administration level filter.
» Remote mail server management.
» Anti Spam feature.

Server Mirroring is utilizing a backup server that duplicates all the processes and transactions of the primary server. If, for any reason, the primary server fails, the backup server can immediately take its place without any down-time.

Server mirroring is an expensive but effective strategy for achieving fault tolerance. It's expensive because each server must be mirrored by an identical server whose only purpose is to be there in the event of a failure. A less expensive technique that is becoming more and more popular is clustering.

Our multiple server nodes at data centers are clustered together to give you 99.9% uptime. So if any server goes down it can be restore immediately without any downtime.

A virtual private network (VPN) is the extension of a private network that encompasses links across shared or public networks like the Internet. With a VPN, you can send data between two computers across a shared or public network in a manner that emulates a point-to-point private link.

Virtual private networking is the act of creating and configuring a virtual private network. VPN connections allow users who work at home or travel to obtain a remote access connection to an organization server, using the infrastructure provided by a public internet work such as the Internet. From the user's perspective, the VPN is a point-to-point connection between the computer, the VPN client and an organization server. The exact infrastructure of the shared or public network is irrelevant, because it appears as if the data is sent over a dedicated private link.

But at Prism, we look for Security after the connection is made. We check that data is transferred more securely without any link breakage and thus keep more privacy while sending data.

Our storage technologies deliver world-class solutions covering the entire lifecycle of storage services. The services encompass process, technologies and people to provide high value, business impact.

Prism storage management services transfer all or part of the day-to-day management responsibility for a customer storage environment, including storage area networks (SANs), network-attached storage (NAS) and tape libraries and in some cases, the transfer of ownership of technology or personnel assets to Prism. With its global delivery model, Prism has been successfully managing storage for its customers from onsite, near site and offshore locations.

Key Highlights

- Breadth of coverage on storage platform (SAN & NAS) – EMC, IBM, HP, Sun, Hitachi, NetApp, Brocade, Cisco
- Depth of coverage on Storage platform – design, deployment including integration, administration and transformation or value added services
- Well defined service definitions and service levels to meet every customer requirement
- Virtual Resolution Group (RG) to handle field escalation and quick call resolution
- Global (onsite/nearshore/offshore) service delivery to reduce operation cost
- Structured onsite/nearshore/offshore responsibility and task definitions
- Element based pricing model
- Alliances with EMC, IBM, Sun, HP, Cisco, Brocade, Hitachi, NetApp, Symantec expertise.

Cloud Computing has been gaining momentum rapidly in the recent past due to its ability to offer flexible IT solutions that can quickly and easily adapt to evolving customer needs. Prism's Cloud Computing Services accentuates our commitment to help customers address the exacting demands of today's unpredictable environment. Leveraging our domain knowledge, system integration expertise, Tier 3 Data Centers and our Industry Partnerships, Prism's Cloud Computing initiative will complement our existing IT service offerings.

We deliver services on a virtualized and scalable platform using Internet technologies, enabling organizations to have access to highly available services with charges that vary based on utilization. This thereby, eliminates the need for client organizations to invest in high cost technology equipment.

Cloud Computing offerings cover,
- Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS)
Infrastructure as a Service is a model wherein Prism provides servers, storage, backup, networking, security and DR components on a pay per use basis to customers. These services will be provided from our data centers.

- Software as a Service (SAAS)
Software as a Service is the model wherein Prism will provide various Business Applications, such as, ERP, Dealer Management System, Document Management System , etc. on a pay per use model. These applications could be Prism developed and owned or Partner owned.

>Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
>Software as a Service (SaaS)

- Datacenter Managed Services
Provides severity-based support and assistance in the management of mission critical components, such as, servers, networks, applications, security, database, mail and messaging, etc through an automated approach that ensures quick, error-free resolution of incidents. Using best-of-breed technologies, we have created a framework for,

»OS/Server Management
»Network Management
»Database Management
»Security Management
»Mail Management
»Storage and Backup Management
»Application Management


Improved Business Focus
Choosing to outsource Hosting services allows you to free up critical corporate resources like physical infrastructure, network, bandwidth, human skills etc. You can focus on the core business while we take care of providing high running uptime on your IT set-up.

Easier Manageability
The continuous running environment for complex IT set-ups requires availability of a complex skill set for services management. We give you the advantage of letting our IDC's trained engineers carry out operations following industry's best practices. This will also help in accelerated results and benefits.

Scalability and Technology
The hosting needs for corporates are dynamic in a fast changing business environment. An outsource model provides you with flexibility on scaling your requirements as per business growth, when you need it. This also ensures that you are protected from the impact of technology obsolescence at all times by having access to need-based upgrades.

We provide you with a 100 Mbps Fast Ethernet connection. You also have the option of having dedicated bandwidth terminating onto your servers to enable performance enhancement. Besides, a variety of connectivity options ensure that you'll always have the necessary bandwidth available for your business demands.

Your servers are housed in a state-of-the-art Data Center with UPS protection, diesel generator backup, climate control and redundant connectivity. So you don't have to worry about your servers getting the power and connectivity they require.

Security Services

Security Services

We help clients protect information, infrastructures, applications and key business processes against internal and external threats, while enabling new growth and innovation by managing risks.

Organizations of all types are increasingly using the Internet and other networks outside of the corporate firewall to provide open, distributed computing.

This approach has considerable benefits and enables high performance, but does make them vulnerable to cyber attacks. Prism outlines the challenges and offers various useful steps to guide a proactive approach to cyber security.

Cyber attacks are a real problem, affecting more than just the technical side of an enterprise. Because security issues affect operational continuity and undermine the confidence of customers and investors, it has now become an issue for senior management. Security breaches also threaten national infrastructure like power grids, air traffic control systems, etc.

Strong security practices are necessary to both defend the enterprise and enable it to operate innovative new processes without increasing risk.

Cyber security has become such a problem for a number of reasons:
- A new computing model: The business benefits of open, distributed computing—employees, customers and business partners using a variety of devices and software to access enterprise applications—have made it the emerging standard. This openness does also equate to vulnerability.
- Uneven security standards: Many IT products, devices and solutions are released without the standard IT policies and procedures. For example, is your networked photocopier as protected as it should be?
- The rise of social networking: Social networking sites now account for 11 percent of all online activity in the United States, and have become rich sources of personal information for criminals—information that can frequently be used to compromise the security of corporate systems.
- The industrialization of cyber crime: Cyber criminals have not only become smarter, they have become more organized. Hackers are no longer necessarily loners with a grudge, but are often part of well-organized criminal enterprises.

Getting ahead of the threats is not easy, and requires sustained effort. Effective cyber security should be incorporated into processes throughout the organization, not just at the perimeter. Based on its own experience and research, Prism offers the following five principles that have proven effective in helping organizations defend against cyber attacks:
- Identify and secure the IT assets themselves and not just the perimeter.
- Build a hard-nosed “culture of security.”
- Pay closer attention to applications.
- Check and double-check user identity.
- Develop acute situational awareness.

Prism has extensive experience in helping leading organizations secure their IT systems as they drive toward achieving high performance.

Our security services are offered for all of the four infrastructure towers i.e. Servers, Network, Application and Desktop. The support activities are mainly classified into three areas:

(a) Infrastructure Security Architecture Design and Implementation Services
- Infrastructure security product evaluation
- Design perimeter security architecture
- Integrate firewalls, VPNs, Proxies etc. with authentication products
- Implement perimeter security products for load balancing and high availability
- Migrate and upgrade Firewalls, VPN devices and proxies

(b) Operational Support Services
- 24x7 Monitoring & Management of security devices
- Network attack detection & prevention
- Antivirus system installation & management
- Security Audits

(c) Log Review Services
- Analyze logs to detect any anomalies or malicious content
- Monitor failed and successful authentications
- Monitor access and privileges to critical infrastructure components
- Proactive escalation & reporting on any anomalies observed

Prism Security Services offers a broad range of solutions from Consulting and Implementation to Managed Services. Our expertise and experience in various industries can help you safeguard your information assets, pursue new business initiatives and identify potential problems before they occur. Our solutions are among the most comprehensive in the security services marketplace.

Our service-offerings are customized to your current security-posture and comprise the following:

Our enterprise security management view explicitly aligns security strategies with organizational strategies with the aim to achieve, improve, and sustain the organization's resiliency. There is a focus on not only critical assets but also the critical business processes of the organization, as well as the system of internal controls that ensures that these assets and processes remain productive as intended. Our core philosophy is to be a preferred partner in your security journeys. We assess, design, implement and manage end to end, cost effective and robust security solutions in the following areas:

• Security Governance & Compliance
• Application Security Consulting
• Network & System Security
• Business Continuity & DR Consulting
• Identity & Access Management
• System Integration
• Managed Security Services
• Security Products
• Cloud Security Solution
• Firewalls & VPNs
• Internal Security
• Intrusion Detection & Prevention
• Security Management & Reporting
• Web Security
• Wireless Security

Prism ensures quality delivery service by employing periodic reviews, performed to assess the effectiveness of service delivery and improvements in the overall enterprise security posture in line with the Managed Security Services offered to the organization.

Entreprise Management Services

Entreprise Management Services

Prism Enterprise Services offers you single point accountability for your entire heterogeneous IT infrastructure, with flexible and customizable service levels for all your IT needs. We provide end-to-end IT product usage lifecycle services that span deployment, implementation, sustenance, optimization, upgrades and migration, and landscape services. Enterprise Services offers the unique advantage of multi-technology expertise across domains such as platform, network, storage, security, database, middleware, Linux and Open Source as well as Emerging Technologies.

With us your IT infrastructure is available and scalable, guaranteeing higher productivity, maximum ROI, and tangible business growth.

Enterprise Services Differentiators
• Independent Services Player - trans-geographic and vendor-neutral
• Large pool of multi-skilled, multi-platform knowledge professional Consultants
• Flexible, customised SLA’s to suit your business and IT needs
• Strategic alliances with all leading technology players
• Unique service delivery models
• 24 X 7 CRM-enabled centralized Customer Care Centre for India and Middle East
• Secure state-of-the-art Global Services Management Centre (GSMC)
• Stringent quality processes and a high quality focus.

Our Service Offerings
Prism Enterprise Services offers:
High Availability Services: These include AMC and Warranty Support services for platform (servers and storage), networking, security, software, open source and Linux. We have alliances with some of the key players in all the above domains and offer highly customised and high-end support services. We offer the highest quality support delivered through all means – online, remote and onsite assuring 24/7 availability of your IT infrastructure.
Technology Transformation Services (TTS): The suite of Technology Transformation Services has been designed to synergize IT with your business goals while helping you address some of the most daunting challenges with regards to infrastructure. The focus of this offering - consisting of reactive and proactive services - is on the enablement, enhancement, efficiency and effectiveness of your IT infrastructure. At the same time, the services also assist in optimizing your IT spends. The motto of these services is “Enhanced IT Effectiveness with Optimised Cost”

Technologies Supported
- Network
- Platform
- Storage
- Security
- Middleware
- Database
- Open Source
- Emerging Technology

Also our Enterprise Management Services encompass implementation and management of monitoring tools for client’s IT infrastructure
• Implementation of Service Desk
- Mapping of ITIL processes to Service Desk
• Implementation of IT Resource Management Tools for
- Remote Software and Package delivery
- Asset Management
- Remote Control
• Implementation of Datacenter Monitoring and Network Management Tools for
- Server Management
- Application Monitoring
- Network Fault and Performance Management
- Security Management
- Storage Management

Process & Consulting Services

Process & Consulting Services

Prism can help clients gain a process-based advantage by building superior business processes through process transformation, ensuring process agility through business process management lifecycle, and securing optimal return on IT investments through value realization.

We thus provide consulting services in a number of areas including:
• Infrastructure design and landscaping
• Mapping and defining service delivery processes
• Infrastructure consolidation (server and data center)
• Disaster recovery planning and implementation

Basis of our Process Consulting is primarily focussed on process & Innovation Performance services develop and sustain an organization’s operational, process, and innovation effectiveness.
• Innovation Performance
• Operational Performance
• Process Performance

Innovation is one of the primary drivers of value, growth—and thus ultimately of high performance.

Innovation is a top priority for companies seeking to grow in the wake of the economic downturn, but flaws in managing innovation may hinder their progress. Research goes further to suggest that in the US and UK many companies had in fact increased funding for innovation during the downturn, demonstrating its perceived business value as a driver of growth. However, poor returns on investment will continue to be achieved until companies are systematically managing innovation with the same rigor and discipline as other critical business processes.

To further understand how companies are addressing innovation in this economic climate, Prism conducted as per online survey of more than 630 executives in 2009 in the United States and United Kingdom. Respondents represented a broad cross-section of industries – including automotive, banking, capital markets, consumer goods and services, electronics and high tech, insurance, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and medical products, and retail.

Key Findings:

According to this research, almost half of respondents said they increased funding for innovation in the preceding six months, while one-third said there was no change in funding for innovation. Additionally, nearly nine out of 10 these respondents said that innovation is as important, if not more important, than cost reductions to their company’s ability to achieve future growth.

However, the Prism study found flaws in corporate management of innovation, including process shortcomings and a lack of business discipline that result in internal barriers to success. Additionally, there is widespread risk-aversion and a failure to learn from past mistakes. Past innovation failures are most commonly attributed to incorrect pricing, failure to meet customer needs, and being late to market, which can be mitigated by approaching innovation with the appropriate structure and rigor.

Our Operational Performance services enable organizations to significantly improve their ability to execute—and to do so faster, more flexibly, more simply, and with greater certainty.

We try and understand "Is Our Continuous Improvement Program Delivering as Promised?

Continuous improvement holds the key to operational excellence, and thus to high performance.

By understanding and preempting common issues, executives can drive quantifiable and substantive results from continuous improvement initiatives on their journey to high performance.

Our Process Performance services help clients attain high performance by improving the design, optimization, and execution of their business processes.

Our process management services is a way to improve visibility into the business and provide companies with the tools and skills to respond quickly to marketplace developments.

Remote Infrastructure Management

Remote Infrastructure Management

Our Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) is the next generation of infrastructure management services. We have created a new foundation in IT Infrastructure Services, bolstered by four pillars that ensure predictable and superior results.

The pillars include our OnTarget Platform, our unique Operations Maturity Model, selective sourcing and modular options via productized services, and our global delivery model. RIM also allows the flexibility to choose the most cost-effective solutions for your business.

Managed Services Offerings:
- Enterprise Computing Services
» Message Queuing Management
» Microsoft Middleware Management
» Production Control Management
» Remote Database Management
» Server Infrastructure Management
» Application Server Management
» Web Server Management
» Storage Area Network (SAN) Management
» Network Attached Storage (NAS) Management
» Mainframe Management Service
- Infrastructure Security Services

» Managed Firewall
» Managed IPS Service
- Network and Convergence Services
» Managed IP Telephony Enterprise
» Managed IP Telephony Express
» Managed VoIP
» Managed VPN
» Managed WAN/LAN
- End User Computing Services

» Managed Active Directory
» Desktop Management
» Managed Exchange
» IT Help Desk Service

Further the Clients' Business is entirely dependent on his IT infrastructure. The maximum uptime of IT Infrastructure leads to uninterrupted business, which in turn results in revenue profits for client. Remote Infrastructure Management provides cost effective 24*7 operations to support global time zones for Client’s business. Internet Data center estimation puts IT infrastructure components more than 85% of the total business spread over the globe that can be managed remotely with the advancements in internet and communication technologies. Remote Infrastructure Management includes the monitoring and management of client’s business critical IT infrastructure through Remote Infrastructure Management, IT Service Desk and Professional Services (Consultancy, Implementation and Management). Remote Infrastructure Management including:
• Server Management
• Storage Management
• Database Management
• Network Management
• Security Management
• Email Management
• Desktop Support

Organizations today are looking for Remote Infrastructure management, because of its significant benefits like easy management, efficiency and security for business critical IT infrastructure.

The methodology adopted by Prism is flexible, cost effective, and aligned to IT Optimization for attaining the objective of clients business needs. Features of this methodology are:

IDENTIFY & PROPOSE: Prism IM experts initially understand the client's objectives and expectations. Functional and technical heads of practice will identify and propose feasible solutions to achieve these objectives as per client's requirement.
PLAN: Technical Architects and designers develop the project plan through systematic tools and layout the entire chronology of actions for successful completion.
DO: Appointed project team actions the plan with quality and timelines for the successful delivery of the project.
CHECK: Quality team performs various checks to ensure the required deliverables and quality is achieved.
ACT: The gaps identified are fixed to ensure objectives are met.
HAND OVER: The entire project is handed over to support after client's signoff.
MANAGEMENT: The IT Infrastructure projects under management have well defined scope, Service Level agreements, 3 Tier Support with clear escalation Matrix, reporting structure and deliverables.

» Improved IT infrastructure uptime and productivity
» Simplified operations management & Focus on core competencies
» Enhanced ability to adopt new technology
» Transparency and control
» Better Return On IT Investment (ROI)
» Scalability on the fly: upgrade or downgrade according to the requirements and avoid fixed overhead costs
» Access to domain expertise and 24/7/365 availability
» Industry best practices & quality
» Cost Efficiency: Drive down the IT infrastructure cost by as much as 40%
» Proactive problem identification and Preemptive problem resolution.

Newtwork Services

Newtwork Services

Our Network Services includes end-to-end support for
• LAN, WAN, WLAN, VoIP and Security devices
• 24x7 incident management & monitoring
• Management of network and security products
• Performance monitoring and tuning
• Capacity planning
• Security log analysis
• Technology Rollout Support e.g. MPLS, VoIP
• WAN/LAN/MAN/WLAN Implementation and configuration support
• Network Design & Optimization
• Network Tuning, Security Auditing & GAP Analysis
• System Integration, up-gradation and Maintenance of Network Equipments.
• QA & Network Equipment Testing Solutions

Network Cabling Installations
• Complete infrastructure consulting and design services
• Installation and Maintenance of voice and Datacom wiring structure
• CAT5, CAT5E, CAT6, CAT6A & Fiber Optics, telephone communication
• Complete and detailed documentation of infrastructure.
• Compliance testing.

Prism Network Services & consultancy collaborates with customers seeking solutions to remain competitive in a technology rich environment. By creating and maintaining a reliable and scalable network infrastructure, Prism gives its customers the opportunity to not only keep current business operations running smoothly, but also gives them freedom to position themselves for future trends.

Network services are responsible for designing, developing, installing and managing information networks. With the help of strategic partnerships with vendors of all hardware and networking companies like 3com, Cisco, Compaq, IBM, Dax, Dlink. Prism can provide advanced Network systems architecture, leading-edge applications, streamlined communications, and cost-effective network solutions.

Also Our Network Auditing is a practice that is not done very often, if at all. The truth of it is that there are untold riches in all those packets flying about on your LAN. All one has to do is log them, and dig into them.

Why should I audit?
One of the important concerns that we as computer network professionals worry about in today's computing environment is spyware infiltrating in the corporate LAN. Spyware is quickly becoming more and more virulent as time marches on. There is also the stealthy threat of Trojans, and the ever-present virus.

Preparing for audit?
So are you preparing to audit your network? At Prism, our mission of auditing your network, we first take an inventory of the services the network offers. Does the corporate network have a web server, ftp server, web mail, and what type if any of database is used? Is file sharing enabled? All of these questions must be answered. Once this is done we will have properly base lined your network services and know what should be present on the LAN. All that remains traffic wise is therefore technically suspect. This is a structured and logical approach to take. It will also help to save your some time while coming through the traffic that you have collected.

Our Network design is the basis for every network and the most crucial and important part of any organization.

Prism IT specializes in the design, installation and project management of Information Transport Systems (ITS) and the various technology solutions utilizing ITS. Our team of professionals uses in-depth industry knowledge and extensive project management experience to deliver turnkey, industry-compliant and manufacturer certified installations for server, voice, data, wireless and audio / video and security solutions.

Our commitment to quality products and workmanship is what sets us apart from our competition. Our long-term and experienced workforce provides strong project leadership and ensures our teams are equipped to handle any project.

Whether you need a simple move, add or change (MAC) or are looking for a fully-integrated technology solution locally or nationally, Prism can help you reach your business goals.

Application Services

Application Services

Through our application development and systems integration services, you can gain consulting and delivery expertise in both end-to-end systems integration and custom application development. Our services can help you drive innovation and expand into new markets while reducing overall costs.

In just a few short years, the Application Development industry has seen dramatic changes — both from customers looking for software solutions and from the resource pool of development talent.

At Prism, we help define your requirements, write specifications and design, develop, test and integrate software across multiple platforms — including Internet technologies — enabling your systems to function in new operating environments.

We follow one of two approaches to application development and integration:
• Full life-cycle application development, in which we assume start-to-finish responsibility for analysis, design, implementation, testing and integration of systems; or
• Cooperative development, in which our experts work with your in-house IT personnel to jointly analyze, design, implement, test and integrate new systems.

A key facet of our offering is a suite of services to help you build and integrate sophisticated business applications and/or websites with your client server and legacy systems. We create and deploy robust, scalable and extensible architectures for use in a wide range of industries.

Our custom application development services include:
• Application design, development, and implementation
• Systems integration/consolidation
• Re-engineering, performance tuning and porting services
• Implementation of packages
• Feasibility and requirement analysis for business case

To be specific here the services include administration support for clients’ enterprise wide applications including Databases, Messaging, Web Applications, Document Management Applications and ERP.

• 24x7 incident and problem management
• User and group management
• Access control and security management
• Patches/updates management
• Data backup, archive and restore
• Performance monitoring and management
• Batch job scheduling and monitoring
• Version migrations and upgradation
• High availability set-up

Hosting Services

Hosting Services

Prism ’s hosting services enable rapid introduction of complete end-to-end services in a 3 tier security environment. Our hosting solutions provide all the necessary technical expertise to ensure commercial, carrier-grade service performance.

We are well equipped to offer the broadest range of hosted applications and services, combining our unique experience in managing Hosting Solution services. With the necessary technology and applications expertise and a wide network of established relationships with leading application developers and content providers, we effectively combine world class, full carrier grade solutions with an optimized, low-cost service delivery infrastructure and the full support of our extensive global services organization. The full spectrum of our Hosting Services include Email, Cloud Services, Virtualization, Security Services, Storage solutions, Database Services, Reporting and Administration and Professional services.

Prism combines technology expertise, evolved process frameworks, state-of-art infrastructure and flexible delivery models to offer a comprehensive suite of IT Infrastructure Management Services to global enterprises.

Our Global Approach Practices comprises
•Deep understanding of the business situation, opportunities and challenges
•Collaborative working model to identify the technical impact on your business
•Hosting solutions based on clearly defined Service Level Agreements
•Optimized low-cost service delivery infrastructure
•Full support of our extensive global service organization
•Infrastructure operations through our Global Network Operations Centers Pune.

Prism further provides its clients the value of
•Minimized upfront investment in network infrastructure
•Reduced need to build a large organization of technical experts
•Faster rollout of new full carrier-grade services to end-users
•Usage-based payment model and a strong, reliable partner mitigate business risks

Desktop Services

Desktop Services

Prism ’s Managed Desktop Services (MDS) provides Infrastructure Consolidation, Standardization and Virtualization that leverages existing and new technologies. MDS allows seamless platform and application migration, reusability of business applications, Controlled Software Deployment, hassle free Service Desk Operation and Stringent Desktop Threat Management. Our comprehensive and flexible solutions utilize best of breed tools and latest technologies thereby lowering the Total Cost of Operations (TCO) and reducing desktop management complexity.

Prism’s Managed Desktop Services provides a single point of accountability and frees your internal resources on infrastructure management, allowing them to focus on core competencies and business.

Services offered here include:
•24x7 Remote Support for Desktops and Laptops
•Remote Patch Deployment
•Desktop OS and Office Applications Support
•Desktop Standardization and Imaging
•Packaging/Repackaging of Standard and Custom Applications
•Remote Package, Patch and AV Definition Deployment
•Technology Refreshes and Upgrades
•Asset Management

Prism's Managed Desktop Services Framework

Our Implementation Strategy focuses :
•End-to-end customized solutions
•Automation driven delivery
•Huge knowledge repository for improved quality
•CMMI/ITIL based processes
•Automated Application Compatibility Analysis
•SOE implementation
•Automated User State Migration

Helpdesk Services

Helpdesk Services

Prism’s IT Service Desk handles incidents and service requests, with its world class infrastructure support, as well as provides an interface to users for the entire spectrum of service management activities. Service offerings range from automating existing IT service desks to implementing new ones, consolidating IT service desks to incorporating web-enabled support. Prism has a large pool of ITIL certified consultants and works on global infrastructure and processes, with capability to migrate and operate on large scale IT support and call centers. Prism has state of the art facilities at multiple point presence in various geographic locations having fiber connectivity; the global infrastructure is enhanced with robust telecom network, capable of carrying both voice and data. With consistent investments and growth initiatives coupled with deployment expertise in ITIL and other global quality initiatives, Prism is a pioneer in setting industry standards for delivery and enhancing customer experience.

Prism ’s helpdesk services are offered for all of the four infrastructure towers i.e. Servers, Network, Application and Desktop.

•24x7x365 remote helpdesk support through web, email, chat and voice calls
•Trouble ticket and service request management
•Remote diagnostics and troubleshooting using remote control tools
•Creation of knowledge repository and its management
•Asset management
•Service Level Reporting

Prism's Service Desk - led by ITIL methodology, acts as the nodal point between service providers and end-users and proactively keeps users informed of all relevant service events, actions and service changes that are likely to affect them. The Prism Service Desk provides end to end ownership of the calls till resolution.

At Prism we ensure to follow:
•Setting up offshore IT Service Desks for IT infrastructure support and management
•Providing single point of contact for IT users of an enterprise across locations and geographies
•ITIL based framework and Service Delivery - Best in class infrastructure support
•IT Infrastructure support covering desktop / laptops, servers, operating systems, office productivity suites, email & browser support, network & connectivity issues, line of business & custom applications, handheld support and infrastructure support
•Incident management for user queries, so each issue is logged and monitored until resolved

Our Value offerings
•Establish and operate your IT help desk 24x7. Our highly skilled consultants, mature processes and expertise using a wide-range of tools give you the advantage of best in class support experience at reduced costs
•Act as single point of contact for all users of your organization to direct questions and report problems regarding supported software, hardware & networks
•Use multiple medium of service such as real-time voice, email, chat and remote login support to your end users
•Highest percentage of first call resolutions resulting in increased user satisfaction


Prism Management Consulting helps businesses achieve high performance. Drawing on our groundbreaking research and hands-on experience with high-performance businesses, Prism delivers insights and puts them into action.

Prism is committed to uncovering the key ingredients to help our clients become high-performance businesses. Here you will experience from Prism Management Consulting executives regarding what businesses and public service organizations can do now to effectively manage their business for today-and for tomorrow.

Prism Management Consulting can help you come out on top in terms of

> Profit and Cash Optimisation
> Driving Growth
> Operational Excellence
> Business Restructuring - Mergers, Acquisitions & Alliances
> Strategic Talent Management
> Sustainability
> Global Strategies for a Multi-Polar World

Prism IT is a leading provider of offshore software consultancy services helping clients innovate their businesses to achieve better than satisfactory results from the business operations and technology.

Our consultancy services are aimed at helping business in the long run and the short run as well. Our long term and in-depth understanding of the IT industry helps us deliver solutions to our clients, thereby providing them with a competitive advantage.

Also at Prism IT our team understands the differing requirements and needs of each client, and are aware employee productivity; operating profits and customer loyalty of a company can be influenced and affected by the quality of business software in use. Efficiently capable, our software professionals evaluate client business requirements, before recommending and installing packaged software, providing software design solutions, developing custom software, and if necessary, software integration services, as well.

What makes us different from others is that we are passionate about our job. Our consultants are experienced and technologically adept, giving them the capability to offer unmatched services. Our technological adeptness is multiplied by our proactive team, always aiming at building long term relationships with clients.

Our software consultancy services include the following:

Feasibility study for a project.
•Development of application and adoption of approach.
•In-depth analysis of the client’s requirements.
•Research and evaluation of software and IT products.
•Development of applications.
•Installation and evaluation.
•Systems integration.
•Software assignment.
•Software Administration

Our Software consultancy services go hand in hand with software support services and development services to give you the right solutions for your business

At Prism IT, we take the following steps to create successful applications for client business needs:

Company goals: Summary and Overview (people, skills, equipment, processes).
•Requirements Research (research, interview, document, review).
•Preliminary Design (navigation, flow charting, data model).
•Design Development (presentation and business logic, data access and search, data and screen layouts)
•Infrastructural Upgrades.
•Custom Software Development.
•Testing and Acceptance (test data importing, user testing and feedback).
•Import Data to Client Site.
•Implementation and Training at Client Site.
•On-going Support and Enhancement

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